Restaurant gourmet El Coq
Restaurant gourmet El Coq

Restaurant gourmet El Coq

Piazza dei Signori 1, Vicenza
Tel. +39 0444 330681 (El Coq)
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Lorenzo Cogo, born in 1986, was for four years the   youngest starry chef of Italy. His last name, in the Venetian dialect, means "cook": a surname, a destiny. Having started his career very young in the kitchens of his land, he decided to go to work around the world: Australia, Japan, Denmark, England and finally Spain, in the best restaurants of those times. During this travels he matures his character and determination; all this means that in 2011, at the age of 24, he decided to return home, in his own land in the province of Vicenza, and open his own restaurant: El Coq, a name that expresses the bond with the land and the raw material. Lorenzo, only 25 years old, a year after opening, won the coveted Michelin Star.

Thus was born the gourmet restaurant El Coq, for 5 years in Marano Vicentino campaigns; then in July 2016, El Coq Vicenza, within the historic and prestigious "Caffè Garibaldi" in the central Piazza dei Signori: the perfect stage to continue his show. El Coq completely new and extremely delicate gourmet restaurant on the first floor of the building, mastering and presenting a room in detail, just as the creations within the presented foods. A room overlooking absorbs and reflects the unconditional beauty of Palladio's masterpiece beyond the square.

El Coq in Vicenza arises mainly as a requirement by Lorenzo in bringing food culture in a city that is often called the city a "hit and run": to create a reason to stay longer in this city, eating well and enjoying a important moment. With this project we want to bring more and more affirming the importance of a city, joined to love yourself. El Coq wants to become a symbol and reference point for all the gastronomic landscape of the city, and beyond, leading and enhancing an important historical center, the local historical and above all as a symbol of excellence of food among other other towns excellence.




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