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Schiavo Distillery

Via G. Mazzini 39, Costabissara
Tel. 0444 971025
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The history of the Schiavo family draws its origins back to the 17th century.

The Giuseppe Schiavo exhibition was conceived as a tangible testimonial of the work and commitment of the Schiavo family, which has now reached its 5th generation in artisan distillation. The Grappa is still produced in the old distillery using a low pressure batch distillation plant with copper stills.

Just as in the past years, it takes the present distilleries one and a half hours to produce just 30 litres of grappa at max volume (75%-80% vol). Approximately 700 kg of pressed grapes (equivalent to one batch) are used. It is a must for the company to proceed cautiously during production. It is also essential to use the utmost awareness and accuracy in every phase. This will add surplus to the product, thus making a noticeable difference in quality when compared to similar products on the market. Distilleries can process a maximum quantity of 8000 kg per day.

Recently pressed, fermented grapes, in wine-cellars, must be promptly ordered and used to insure the freshest product available. Mass production and industrialisation, inevitably lead to fragrance, aroma and taste standardization. Our main objective is not to let this influence our home-made grappa.

Our Grappa's taste and aroma can be slightly different from year to year due to the influence of nature. It is through these differences that many are able to appreciate our product and its value. All production phases are done with the respect of tradition, naturalness, and awareness. This enables the Schiavo Company to offer a unique home-made distillate marked "Made in Italy."
A product made of History, culture and tradition…




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