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Restaurant Da Palmerino

Via Piave 13, Sandrigo
Tel. 0444 695034
Web www.palmerino.eu
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Mark and papa Antonio both originate from the School of Hospitality in Recoaro (Vicenza). Their dishes and their specialities have been frequently featured on TV and in specialist guides. In 2002 the "Italian Cuisine" magazine dedicated to them the whole page. They have received many certificates of merit.
Their cuisine is mentioned in magazines, such as "Dove", "Panorama Travel", and others.

The first room can accommodate up to 70 guests. The second room can accommodate about 35 guests and it can be reserved for special occasions, lunches and dinners, business meetings and - thanks to the intimate and refined atmosphere - dedicated evenings organised for friends.
Soaked in a warm atmosphere, the venue is an ideal place to spend pleasant, carefree moments, in an environment rich in beautiful landscapes and architecture.

The menu offered to our guests pays close attention to the foods and traditions of our land; the seasonal cuisine, which emphasizes simplicity but also, with refinement, the flavours and aromas of our products. Sensitive attention to small things, full of knowledge and passion passed on by grandmother Luigia and son Palmerino, which allows our dishes to be unique in flavour and quality. Pasta and sweets in fact are strictly hand-made by grandmother Iole.

Recognised as "Tavern and venue typical for Bacalà" we offer our guests a full menu tasting of salt codfish, pollock and dried cod combined with seasonal vegetables, and the main dish of "The bacalà alla Vicentina with polenta".




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